Our Story

Heritage Leather company was started by two friends sharing life together united by the conviction that we all are striving to live a meaningful life. In Psalm 61, King David celebrates,

“You have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”

We believe there are few words that future generations might say of us that would be of higher value than those. Above all, we want to give the gift of a godly heritage to future generations. Heritage Leather is dedicated to encouraging you to aspire to that same ideal.

For this reason, each of our bags are inspired by one of the great heroes of the Christian faith. Our bags are made to last a lifetime and our hope would be that over the course of that life, you might be encouraged by the stories of the great women and men of faith who have inspired our work.

Our Work

Each bag begins as a handcrafted work that we carry and test until we believe it is ready for you and appropriately reflects the heritage of those men and women who we seek to reflect in each design.

That design is then put in the hands of some of the finest leather workers in the world and produced by Old Mexico Manufacturing in Leon, Mexico.

Every step of this process and everything that we do is guided by this mission.

Producing great products that inspire great lives.

Our Promise

Our commitment is that your bag will last your lifetime. If any part of your bags fails, we want to fix it for you. Send it to us and we will repair it. 

If you receive your bag and decide it is not for you, simply let us know and return us for a full refund.

Once you start carrying it, your bag belongs to you.  Again our goal is that you will fall in love with your bag. We hope the heritage that inspired it and the quality of the design will make you proud to carry your Heritage leather bag and share with others where they can purchase one of their own.

For addditional information on repairs or returns, send us an email at info@myheritageleather.com.